A turn in Morella

Hi, dear cybernetic friends! On today’s publication we wanted to share with you our recent visit to Morella, a town of 3.000 residents in Valencia. As you will see that village is qualified as one of the most beautiful places of the Iberian Peninsula. We were there at the same time that the Early Music Festival … More A turn in Morella

Rice face pack

Welcome everybody! On today’s post we bring you the formula to prepare a rice face pack. We have use it as a facial cosmetic but you can apply it through all the body excepting the most sensitive zones. It’s perfect to make uniform your tone, clean, polish and purify the skin. We will only use … More Rice face pack

Carrot juice

Welcome everebody! Today is a beautiful thursday so we bring you a juice perfect to you. As you can see by the tittle our recipe is with carrot and we know that many people is affraid of carrot juices. That’s because we have decided to encourage you to try it. We have choosed carrot because … More Carrot juice

Melon smoothie

Good morning! Today we share with you a delicious smoothie recipe. It is very refreshing and without using many things you will get a lot of it because melon has got many water. This is a moisturizing smoothie ideal for this season. We are very good fans of juices and smoothies because they are an … More Melon smoothie

Vegetal pizza

Good morning, beautifulgreentravelers! On today’s post we have decided to share with you a vegetal pizza recipe.   INGREDIENTS: An aubergine. Some courgette. Mixture of the vegetables that you like best. Flour. Oil. Water. Salt. Cheese. Bechamel. Tuna.   METHOD: At first we cut the aubergine and we put it in a cup with water … More Vegetal pizza

DIY Exfoliant

Good morning everybody! As you know it’s very important to take care of our skin so on today’s post we bring you the formula to prepare an exfoliant in your home. The main ingredients will be sugar (because it’s very exfoliant) and olive oil (for it’s moisturizing properties).   YOU NEED: 1 Cup of sugar … More DIY Exfoliant

Carrot muffins

Today we bring you a delicious recipe to do carrot muffins. It’s perfect for any situation and it will surprise all your guests. Ingredients: 140g of flour 1 teaspoon of leavening (or bicarbonate of soda) 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon 2 eggs 115g of sugar (it could be brown sugar too) 120ml of olive oil 150g of carrots … More Carrot muffins

Home-made aftersun

Like it’s summer and we get the sun, we sometimes get burned; so we have decided to show you how to do a home-made aftersun. We need two spoonfuls of flour, two spoonfuls of semi-skimmed milk and two more of fresh cream. As you can see we will use dairy products. That’s because the properties of … More Home-made aftersun