3 Ideas of breakfast

Welcome! As you know a few days ago Autumn arrived in our homes, that’s why we wanted to share with you some ideas of healty, easy and fast breakfasts perfect for this season. Let’s see it! For this breakfast we have choose some yogurt, cereals and fruit juice. The cereals have got chocolate and crisps … More 3 Ideas of breakfast

Night routine

Hi everybody! Monday 14 we prepared a post where one of use bring you her morning routine. Today it’s my turn! I’m going to share with you my night routine. You have to think that I’m another person and for example, she haves a shower on the morning and I have a shower at night! At … More Night routine

Delta de l’Ebre

Good morning everybody! How are you? We hope that everything is all right. Today we bring you an interesting post of one of our favorite places next to home: the Delta of the Ebre river. For us this beach is quite special because on our area there aren’t many beaches of sand as peaceful as … More Delta de l’Ebre

Morning routine

Good morning everybody! Today we are back to school and we know that many people is afraid of the word routine but we aren’t this kind of people. We like living the moment and thinking that “everyday can be a good day” and if you don’t know what to do or you want to try something … More Morning routine


Welcome everybody! On today’s post we bring you an idea that we just love. The plan is about preparing a dinner to share with someone important to you and learning something else of the Al-Andalus. The Al-Andalus is the territory of the Iberian Peninsula that remained under the Muslim power during the Medium age. To … More Al-Andalus

Preparing sushi

Good morning everybody! How are you? We hope that everything’s all right! Today we share with you the recipe to prepare sushi easily at home. One good thing of this kind of recipes is that they are very versatile and you can think many ways to cook them and you can choose any ingredients that … More Preparing sushi

Watermelon face mask

Hello, dear beautifulgreentravelers! For today’s post we wanted to share with you this easy and good face mask. We like it because to prepare it you only need common ingredients are the results are great. The liquid of the main fruit in that recipe will make you feel freshlier, the banana will add consistency to … More Watermelon face mask