3 Ideas of breakfast

Welcome! As you know a few days ago Autumn arrived in our homes, that’s why we wanted to share with you some ideas of healty, easy and fast breakfasts perfect for this season. Let’s see it!


For this breakfast we have choose some yogurt, cereals and fruit juice. The cereals have got chocolate and crisps inside, it’s very energetic and creaky! As fruit and cereals are sweet, we have a yogurt with 0% of sugar but you can change it by a greek yogurt for exemple or whatever that you want. A great combo!


Now we’ll have a cup of milk, two pieces of fruit (in that case an apple and a banana) and some biscuits. If you preffer mixing fruit with something different try it with yogurt or maybe prepare a smothie bowl 😉


Finally, we’ve got a piece of bread with cheese and some fruit juice. An other option if you aren’t a cheese lover, could be curd. Did you know that Iberian people ate it with honey? It is delicious. As you can see this is the better option for those who like running.

As you can see we have used a Mr. Wonderful’s product for each picture. We think that they are an amazing team and such an example to follow. We think that a positive mind and good feelings are practically the most important and in case that you need an extra of it, their products will be perfect to you, so here you have their website http://www.mrwonderfulshop.com/en/



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