Good Morning! How was the Black Friday? Tomorrow will start a new month and the advent time will be here so that year and with the help of our dear friend Lorena we have already done our own calendar. Come on! At first, we have chose a beautiful cloth that will protagonize our creation 😉 After that … More DIY CALENDAR

Having a walk

Good morning, beautifulgreentravelers! Cold weather is here, hurray! On Sunday last week we had an awesome walk through la Serra d’Irta. The journey was about 8km. We really think that doing this kind of activities is such a great way to finish the week and get relaxed. Come on! It’s also very interesting to observe what’s arround … More Having a walk


Hi, beautifulgreentravelers! The village that you will discover today is very popular for its bridge. If you had the chance to visit the village you will learn a lot of things about its history and other interesting facts.   We hope that you’ve enjoyed that post. We remember you that you can also find us … More Besalú

Visiting Dénia

Welcome, beautifulgreentravelers! Today we share with you our visit to Dénia, a city in Alacant. The town has got many interesting places to visit and a perfect climate. What do you think? Would you like to go there on holidays? What places do you think that we would enjoy?


Hi everybody! Today we’re going to do two creams to eliminate the marks of your body. For the first cream you only need two carrots! Steam the carrots and squash them! If you don’t have a steamer put some water in a pot and put a strainer on the top (be careful, the strainer can’t … More ANTI MARKS

Who we are

Good morning, loves! Last Saturday we met and as a few weeks ago was Adriana’s birthday I prepared her a present. Come on! What do you think that it will be below the wrapping? I decided to give her a book of Mr. Wonderful and a picture of us some time ago after a Holi Party. … More Who we are


Hi everybody! I know that is autumm and in England, for exemple there’s no sun but you know ALWAYS IS SUMMER IN SOME PART OF THE WORLD. Well, the two firsts weeks of September we were on Mallorca and this is a post about this water paradise. (Sorry, we lost a lot of photos…) We … More MALLORCA

Our party

Hello! How was the weekend? Now we are releasing the new month and sharing with you how did we celebrate the festivity. On Saturday night we met some friends and we prepared the dinner. We had pizza, chips, some toast with cheese cream and tomato. Finally we ate some chestnuts and the panellets that we … More Our party