DIY for christmas

Tomorrow is christmas and if you want to put the name of the dinner guest (and you don’t know what to do) we let you a beautiful idea that we did. Let’s do it! You only need paper (we used a type of fabric that’s like paper), fire and something for decor. At first we … More DIY for christmas

The “Caga Ti贸”

Hello, everybody! We are very happy of showing you this characteristic Catalan tradicion. It’s about a trunk with face that wears a聽barretina,聽a traditional catalan hat. The youngest children give food to the聽ti贸聽during the previous days to Christmas and then, on Christmas’ Eve they hit them with some sticks meadwhile they sing a special carol to … More The “Caga Ti贸”


Hi everybody! One year ago, we went to Norway. We don’t remember what we do but we have got a lot of beautiful… and green;) photos. A lot of people says “Norway is too far and too expensive” but you can go if you can! We didn’t pay anything!! We went with a camper and … More THE MAGICAL NORWAY