Welcome to our blog! On today’s publication we show you some trits to get your favourite sneakers ready for spring. As you can see they aren’t new, I bought them two years ago and I have used them frequently so they aren’t very tidy… but we’ve got an easy solution!


To clean them you’ll only need some white vinegar, bicarbonate and corn flour. You also have to use an old tooth brush and white toothpaste.


Now you have to mix a spoon of vinegar and another one of bicarbonate. If you think that you need a bigger quantity keep trying! Once you’ve got it you only have to apply it on your shoes and when they will be covered you’ll take it off with water.


When you’ve done it you have to let them dry up. By the way I put the laces with the rest of mixture.


When it will be dry you can apply some corn flour to keep the white colour even more and we also recommend you to brush the sole with an old tooth brush and white dentrifice.

Tell us what do you think about it!


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