Hi, beautifulgreentravelers! I’ve just passed an horrible week full of work and also a big cold… By the way, as you can see I have survived that’s why I bring you some tricks that are fast, easy and can be very useful.


If you are ill whenever will be a good moment to have an orange juice that will give you a lot of energy and positivism. If you preffer having hot drinks you should try with an infusion or drinking some lemon juice with honey. Honey can become your best friend during that dates!


Now that you have to left the house I recommend you to wear warm and comfortable clothes that you like. You mustn’t forget the tissues, a bottle of water and some sweets of mint, honey or eucalyptus that will help your throat.


Vitamins are super important to eat! If you cook vegetables I recommend you to save the broth and drink it hot, this will be quite good to you and by the way it’s quik and light. For me plant-based syrups are a basic.


Now that you’re back home. Take off your amazing coat and put on your favorite dressing gown. Keep calm and light up an scented candle. If you’ve got a fireplace don’t doubt about it. Light it up!


Choose the coziest pyjama in the closet and some thick socks and go to the kitchen. Yeah, you’ve read kitchen. Search for an onion and cut it. Now go to bed. No, we aren’t crazy. Its vapour will help you to breathe better.

What have you learned? Do you’ve got any doubts? Which are your favorite treats?  Let us know it on the comments!


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