we are Sunday lovers

Welcome! Yesterday we had lunch in a country house near Sòl-de-Riu that is a natural space that joins the river and the sea. We have spent the day with our partners of the group of theatre and it has been just fantastic.

Went I went back after the walk I found a dog and I thought that it was of two girls that were also there but it wasn’t like that because he followed me until we get the place where we had lunch and he was there with me. I was very sad because I knew that I couldn’t adopt him even that I’d like to do it. Affortunately later on there appeared his owners!


By the way I think that it can be interesting to share something with you. As you know in Catalonia for Christmas we celebrate the Tió; well, one of the presents that my brother was given was a title as volunteer in an animal shelter. From my point of view it’s an experience that makes us better persons. He’s very happy of taking care of the dogs there and it could also be a good option if you’d like to have a dog but you aren’t able to do that.

Have a nice week!


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