The invisible friend

Welcome back, beautifulgreentravelers! After a pause, we are here again.

On today’s post we’d love to show you our idea of present to the invisible friend.


In the picture you can see what we have chosen for our classmate that loves sport and also drawing. We have bought him a towel, some pencils and a Mr. Wonderful’s chocolate bar. In the next picture you’ve also got an idea of DIY for Christmas with some pics, postcards and a plank.


Our budget was of 10 euros. So here you’ve got and idea that, from our point of view is as useful as sweet. My invisible friend was my Spanish teacher and he gave me a red notebook with my name, written by his son and a cool cup.


Here you’ve got the option that I chosed for the invisible friend with my group of friends. As my partner loves practising sport I bought her some tights and a pickpocket. As it’s winter I thought that would be a good idea buying her some mountain/ski boots. The budget was of 20 euros.

We hope that you like our ideas! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!


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