The (in) visible friend

Welcome back!   We haven’t forgotten our blog …  here we are again. On today’s post we bring you the second edition of our (in)visible friend’s vives.  Ho, ho, ho, let’s go!


For pocket reasons 😉 it is difficult to give each one of your friends a present… this is the reason why instead of giving away one per persone we decide to prepare “the present” to our friend assigned by raffle.


We start this process at the beginning of December. During that month we send anonymous notes or cards to our respective friend to give him/her tracks of who we are.


As last year I have been on two different games: the one with my classmates & the other one from my group of friends. In the first one my correspondant friend has been also a really close friend of my crew who did my present last year. In the case of the gang, it has been the same friend that was last year! Casuality?


Ana, my beloved friend asked her invisible friend to give her an original present.

My solution to her requests has been the following one:


As we don’t study at the same town we are not able to see each other as much as we would like to. This is the reason why I wanted her present to be something to make her feel close to me. I have started with a portrait with a heiress’ picture of us , a passion red notebook filled of friendship’s moments pics that she can complete as time flies 😉

Furthermore, I have thought that she might like to give another view to her room. This is the reason why I have choosed a cute garland of lights that make any place cozier and a fluffy pillow.  The estimate budget for this occasion has been around 15 € .


Returning to class, Júlia’s wish was chocolate. She asked my to buy her a Milka with Oreo bar but I was not really convinced of going to the supermarket and doing a boring purchase…   I wanted to go beyond. I respected the choco’s desire getting some fondue belgian chocolate, not bad, true?  🙂


Like in Ana’s case, as we are really good friends I wanted her present to be special so I couldn’t avoid giving her such a wonderful pic of us as this one.


As in previous case a collection our very best great hits in another memo book. In this case I have been able to add her initial in white painted wood on the cover.


When in Rome… do as the romans do!   😉   (TBT MARCH 2016)


As a joke, I couldn’t forget our main & classical theme of talk: IKEA.  She has found also the last shop’s catalog for symbolic reasons. The cost of the present is around 10 € .

I hope that you find inspiration in the post. It will be a pleasure to know about your Invisible Friends experiences on the comments… Thank you very much!


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