Christmas in Catalonia

Merry Christmas, beautifulgreentravelers!   We hope from heart that you are enjoying one of the most wonderful times of the year with your family and friends.


Today we are going to share a little bit of our celebration… come on!


As most of the events that involve family reunion it is based on food. This is the reason why we pass the previous day to Christmas at the kitchen.


When we have almost everything ready for the following day it is nearly dinner time. Then, we meet with family or friends to share the meal all together.


Once we have finished eating torró (a Christmas sweet similar to marzipan or nougat, made with almonds and honey) and borraines (a native plant that we batter), it is the Tió’s moment. Now that we are full of energy, we do the Tió’s ritual to get our presents.


The 25th of December we start the last minute preparation such as the appetizers.


Thanks for reading us… we wish you lots of peace, love, time to be with yours & fun!!!


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