Spring’s coming!

Welcome everybody! How are you? On that early post we bring you a face mask perfect to get your skin ready for the new season of Spring! Come on. We have choosed this one because the ingredients are very common. Let’s see it! Some cocoa powder, a聽tablespoon of honey, half a banana & a聽yogurt Now … More Spring’s coming!


Welcome to our blog! On today’s publication we show you some trits to get your favourite sneakers ready for spring. As you can see they aren’t new, I bought them two years ago and I have used them frequently so they aren’t very tidy… but we’ve got an easy solution! To clean them you’ll only … More Sneakers

Sea’s hair!

Hi everybody! Now it’s winter and we can’t go to the beach but we can wear weaves in our hair like when you leave the sea. Let’s do an supereasy spray for do it! You only need: Some salt Water Suncream (oily) Aerosol Put in your empty aerosol water untill the top. 2.聽Add some suncream … More Sea’s hair!


Hi everybody! Today we’re going to do two creams to eliminate the marks of your body. For the first cream you only need two carrots! Steam the carrots and squash them! If you don’t have a steamer put some water in a pot and put a strainer on the top (be careful, the strainer can’t … More ANTI MARKS

Watermelon face mask

Hello, dear beautifulgreentravelers! For today’s post we wanted to share with you this easy and good face mask. We like it because to prepare it you only need common ingredients are the results are great. The liquid of the main fruit in that recipe will make you feel freshlier, the banana will add consistency to … More Watermelon face mask

Coffee face mask

Greetings! This monday we bring you a coffee face mask that for us is ideal. This face mask is a very good stimulant and antioxidant for our skin. Your beauty creation will make your faces more brilliant and shining. You can prepare a big quantity and let it in the bathroom for any time that … More Coffee face mask

Rice face pack

Welcome everybody! On today’s post we bring you the formula to prepare a rice face pack. We have use it as a facial cosmetic but you can apply it through all the body excepting the most sensitive zones. It’s perfect to make uniform your tone, clean, polish and purify the skin. We will only use … More Rice face pack