Preparing Easter

Good morning, loves! Welcome to our corner on the website. Easter is coming and me, as a godmother I want to share with you some ideas that I’ve realised for that special event. I met my godson and I gave him a special bag that contained a kit for Easter. There were a basket with … More Preparing Easter

Spring’s coming!

Welcome everybody! How are you? On that early post we bring you a face mask perfect to get your skin ready for the new season of Spring! Come on. We have choosed this one because the ingredients are very common. Let’s see it! Some cocoa powder, a tablespoon of honey, half a banana & a yogurt Now … More Spring’s coming!


Hi, beautifulgreentravelers! I’ve just passed an horrible week full of work and also a big cold… By the way, as you can see I have survived that’s why I bring you some tricks that are fast, easy and can be very useful. If you are ill whenever will be a good moment to have an … More Colds


Welcome to our blog! On today’s publication we show you some trits to get your favourite sneakers ready for spring. As you can see they aren’t new, I bought them two years ago and I have used them frequently so they aren’t very tidy… but we’ve got an easy solution! To clean them you’ll only … More Sneakers

Winter’s still here

Good morning and welcome to our website! As you may probably feel winter is still here. That’s why we wanted to share with you some pictures of beauty things that you can find thanks to the cold weather! We hope that you like our ideas! Have a nice weekend!