Winter’s still here

Good morning and welcome to our website! As you may probably feel winter is still here. That’s why we wanted to share with you some pictures of beauty things that you can find thanks to the cold weather! We hope that you like our ideas! Have a nice weekend! Advertisements

Sea’s hair!

Hi everybody! Now it’s winter and we can’t go to the beach but we can wear weaves in our hair like when you leave the sea. Let’s do an supereasy spray for do it! You only need: Some salt Water Suncream (oily) Aerosol Put in your empty aerosol water untill the top. 2. Add some suncream … More Sea’s hair!

Dijous Gras

In Catalonia today we celebrate the “dijous gras”. It’s a special day when you go with your friends to the mountain or somewhere with fresh air and it has to be walking! And for lunch we have to eat a sandwich of cold meat or Spanish omelette (we only can eat a sandwich of Spanish … More Dijous Gras


Welcome, beautifulgreentravelers! It’s a new month with new vives! On today’s post you’ll discover with us the amazing city of Sevilla! We arrived there at night and a must-go place is la Carbonería. Incredible! Later on we went out and we discoverd more things about it. The next morning we took the tourist bus and we saw … More Sevilla


Welcome! A few weeks ago we went to Mérida, one of the most important Roman cities. We recommend you to listen Roma by Manel while you read the post. The song is very interesting and you should search the meaning 😉 We suppose that you can guess why only by the images! You must visit its … More Mérida